Unexpected Ways an Affordable Vet in Charlotte Saves You Money

Whether your pet needs routine care - such as vaccinations or a wellness exam - or they are in need of life-saving surgery, coming up with the money to cover the vet bill can be challenging. For many pet parents, a single unexpected vet bill could put them on the edge of financial ruin or force them to make incredibly difficult decisions regarding their pets care. 

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What Should You Know About Senior Pet Wellness Care In Charlotte?

Before you know it,  your seven-year-old pet may be considered as a senior for its breed. This age requires that little extra care and attention in their last years.  

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How To Get Ride of Fleas?

What are they? Fleas are small reddish brown, wingless insects approximately 1.5 to 2.5mm long. They...
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New & Safer Treatment Options for Itchy Pets

Traditional treatment for pets that are itchy: Anti-histamines are not effective in treatment of pet...
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Pet Dental Cleaning

Dental disease is a very painful condition and is known to affect up to 95 percent of pets in the fi...
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Welcome to Best Care Animal Hospital

Welcome to Best Care Animal Hospital! Conveniently located in Matthews, North Carolina, we are thril...
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