Performing this procedure can add years of life to your loyal friend.
Low-Cost Spay & Neuter
As a pet owner, choosing to have your dog or cat spayed or neutered is one of the most responsible decisions you can make. These simple operations can add years to pets’ lives, and they decrease the number of animals in shelters by preventing unexpected and unwanted litters.

At Best Care Animal Hospital, we believe that spaying and neutering are incredibly important procedures that most pets should have done. To make these vital services more affordable and accessible, we are proud to offer low-cost spay and neuter in Charlotte.

Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

Spaying a female dog or cat lowers the incidence of mammary gland tumors. It also eliminates the risk of Pyometra, ovarian cancer, and uterine cancer. Spaying stops heat cycles, too.

In males, neutering lowers the risk of prostate cancer and eliminates the risk of testicular cancer.

In both males and females, spaying/neutering reduces the incidence of endocrine disorders, including diabetes and Cushing’s disease. These procedures can also reduce or eliminate problematic behaviors, including aggression, wandering, humping, urine marking, and territorial behavior. They lower the risk of diseases caused by hormonal imbalances, too.

Low-Cost Spay and Neuter in Charlotte

At Best Care Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer low-cost spay and neuter in Charlotte. Our prices are some of the lowest in the region because we believe in making these potentially life-saving procedures as accessible and affordable as possible.

To learn more about spaying and neutering or to schedule an appointment for your pet, please contact us today.

A trusted low-cost veterinarian in Charlotte.

Best Care Animal Hospital provides low-cost spay and neuter in Charlotte, Matthews, Indian Trail, Mint Hill, Ballantyne, Pineville, and the surrounding areas.

Best Care Animal Hospital

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