Dental care for your four-legged friend is just as important as a wellness exam.
Pet Dental Care
A huge part of being a responsible animal owner is ensuring that your pet receives the appropriate preventative care. Unfortunately, dental care is something that many pet parents overlook when assessing their companion’s routine care needs.

Lack of dental care is a huge problem among dogs and cats. In fact, it is one of the leading causes of premature death in companion animals. At Best Care Animal Hospital, we are here to help with pet dental care in Charlotte. We offer a complete range of dental services and would be more than happy to help you get your pet on the right track.

Why Pet Dental Care Matters

You probably brush your teeth daily and see your dentist once or twice each year because you know how important caring for your teeth is. Despite this, though, you may have never considered just how important it is to take care of your pet’s teeth.

Consider this:

Without routine dental care, dental disease impacts about 70% of dogs and cats by the time they are just three years old. Periodontal disease affects about 85% of dogs and cats once they are more than five years old. When left untreated, these problems can allow bacteria to enter the bloodstream and travel to other parts of the body, potentially causing diseases of the heart, kidneys, and/or liver.

Pet Dental Care in Charlotte

You can save your pet from becoming a statistic by bringing them to Best Care Animal Hospital for pet dental care in Charlotte. We offer a complete range of services, including exams, cleanings, x-rays, and extractions, and would be more than happy to help you take control of your pet’s dental health. Call now to schedule an appointment.

A trusted low-cost veterinarian in Charlotte.

Best Care Animal Hospital offers pet dental care in Charlotte, Matthews, Indian, Trail, Mint Hill, Ballantyne, Pineville, and the surrounding areas.

Best Care Animal Hospital

Conveniently located in Matthews, North Carolina, we are thrilled to offer a wide range of veterinary services for dogs and cats in the greater Charlotte area. We provide preventative care and a number of other services to keep your pets feeling their best.
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