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What Should You Know About Senior Pet Wellness Care In Charlotte?


Before you know it,  your seven-year-old pet may be considered as a senior for its breed. This age requires that little extra care and attention in their last years. The Best Care Animal Hospital keeps pet wellness care in Charlotte at the forefront by offering effective treatments and cost-effective wellness exams for your senior pets.

 These things are what you should keep in mind if you are scouting for a senior pet wellness center. 


Services Offered

When it comes to pet wellness care in Charlotte, we have you covered. We offer a complete range of services to meet your senior pet’s requirements, including:

  •         Complete physical examination
  •         Intestinal parasite screening
  •         Heartworm screening
  •         Senior Wellness Lab Panel and urinalysis
  •         Dental examination
  •         Eye examination
  •         Chest radiographs and EKG
  •         Abdominal radiographs
  •         Osteoarthritis exams
  •         Vaccination updates
  •         Nutrition and behavior consultation

If your pet has any health concerns, then early detection is necessary as it can mean treatment begins fast. While your pet is in our care, they will be treated like members of our family while you leave them with us.

Pet Boarding Services

Pet boarding services give you the comfort of knowing that your pet is in excellent and caring hands. Our facility has smoke, fire, and heat monitoring facilities to keep your pets safe and comfortable, with a veterinarian right next door if needed.


We understand that you have a busy schedule, and squeezing in a visit to the vet may be difficult. That is why the Best Care Animal Hospital is open late and on all days of the week. So, you can schedule your visit based on your convenience rather than ours.

Senior Pet Wellness Care in Charlotte

For senior pet wellness care in Charlotte and the surrounding areas, Best Care Animal Hospital should be on top of your list. To learn more about our services,  call us to make an appointment.


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