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How to Keep Your Dog Happy & Healthy: Tips from Your Vet in Charlotte


As your vet in Charlotte, Best Care Animal Hospital is committed to providing high-quality services to help keep your furry family members happy and healthy. We also enjoy offering valuable tips and suggestions to help our clients better care for their pets and give them the quality of life they deserve. Keeping your dog happy and healthy is rewarding, and doing so is easier than you may think. Check out these tips! 


Take Care of Their Teeth 

If your canine companion has never seen a doggy dentist, it’s likely that they are suffering from periodontal disease. Problems affecting the teeth and gums are common in dogs, and when left untreated, the consequences can be dire. Fortunately, you can care for your companion’s oral health by giving them dental treats, brushing their teeth at home, and bringing them to their vet in Charlotte for dental cleanings and exams. 

Keep Their Vaccinations Up-to-Date

Having your dog vaccinated is a responsible choice. Doing so protects your pet as well as the other pets and people in your community. Talk to your vet about your dog’s health and lifestyle factors, and they will help you determine which vaccines they need. Remember to keep up with booster vaccines, too, to ensure that your four-legged best friend remains protected. 

Make Sure They’re Getting Enough Exercise

No matter what breed your dog is, they need regular exercise. While some breeds are more active than others, all dogs benefit from getting out and stretching their legs regularly. Take the time to learn about your dog’s breed. Pay attention to their personality, too, and make sure you’re giving them enough opportunities to burn off excess energy. 

Schedule Wellness Exams with the Vet in Charlotte

Even when your dog is healthy, they need routine wellness care. Scheduling yearly wellness exams with their vet in Charlotte is one of the best things you can do to ensure that your canine companion gets to spend as many happy, healthy years by your side as possible. If your pooch is due for an exam, please contact us today


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