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How to Identify Stress in Your Pet


The holidays are over and with that, so is the stress that comes with them. But while you may be feeling a bit relieved, your pet may be feeling the same post-holiday stress you are — just in different ways. As a pet owner, it’s important to understand how to identify stress in your pet so that you can take the necessary steps to help them feel better. Knowing how to recognize signs of stress will also help you keep your furry family member healthy and happy all year long. 

The Health Impact of Stress on Animals 

Stress is not just an emotional discomfort — it has real physical implications for both humans and animals alike. In pets, chronic stress can lead to digestive issues, heart problems, skin irritations, decreased immunity and other physical ailments. It can even shorten their lifespan if not managed properly. That’s why it’s essential for pet owners to learn how to spot signs of stress early on so they can take action right away. 

Signs of Stress in Pets 

The way animals show their distress is usually quite different from humans — cats and dogs don't have words or verbal cues after all! Instead, you may notice changes in behavior such as increased aggression or withdrawal from normal activities like playing or interacting with others. You might also observe physical signs such as panting or trembling (in dogs), dilated pupils (in cats), excessive scratching/licking or changes in appetite or sleep patterns.  If any of these behaviors start occurring suddenly or become persistent for more than a few days, it could be a sign that your pet is experiencing some form of stress and should be examined by a veterinarian immediately. 


It’s important to remember that while some levels of stress can be normal for animals, too much can have serious consequences on their health and well-being. If you think your pet may be stressed out due to the holidays or other external factors like changes in routine or environment, contact Best Care Animal Hospital today to schedule an exam for your beloved companion!


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