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3 Common Pet Hazards to Avoid This Holiday Season


No one wants their holiday festivities to end with a visit to a Matthews vet. After all, the holiday season is a joyous time of year that is supposed to be filled with fun and happiness. Unfortunately, it’s also a time that can be quite dangerous for our furry family members. Many of the things that make the holidays merry and bright for us can be hazardous to our pets. And if you aren’t careful, your favorite fur baby could end up sick, injured, or worse. When it comes to protecting your pet and ensuring that the holiday season is joyous for the entire family, awareness of potential hazards is key. Keep reading to learn more about three of the most common pet hazards during the holidays. 



Ornaments and Tinsel

Sure, they look beautiful adorning your tree. But did you know that tinsel and ornaments - especially glass ones - can be perilous to pets? If ingested, tinsel can get tangled up in your pet’s intestines, causing a potentially deadly blockage that will need to be removed surgically. And ornaments that are batted off the tree and broken can cause serious cuts. Keep your pet safe by skipping the tinsel and sticking with plastic ornaments. 

Holiday Foods

If you’re thinking about inviting your pet to your family’s holiday feast, you may want to reconsider. Some of your favorite holiday foods may be toxic to them and could cause serious complications. Avoid sharing any foods or drinks containing chocolate, alcohol, grapes, raisins, onions, or garlic. Unfortunately, fat trimmings and bones aren’t safe treats, either. For your pet’s safety (and to avoid needing to schedule an appointment with a Matthews vet), it’s best to keep them on their normal diet during the holiday season. 

Electric Lights and Decorations

Strings of lights and electric-powered decorations set a festive holiday mood, but they can be dangerous to pets. If you have a curious cat or precocious pup who loves chewing, the cords and blinking lights may prove impossible to resist. A single chomp could result in serious burns in your pet’s mouth (or worse), so it’s best to make sure that all cords are well out of reach. 

What To Do When Your Pet Needs a Matthews Vet

If your pet needs to see a Matthews vet for any reason this holiday season (or beyond), Best Care Animal Hospital is here to help. We provide a complete range of services, and our team would be more than happy to help your furry friend. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today. 


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